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  • Academics: We have higher GPA’s than overall campus. Retention and Graduation rates are also higher than the average student. This is achieved through study hours, mentoring, and recognition programs. 
  • Leadership: Within each fraternity and sorority there are many leadership opportunities, as well as within each council and honor society.  As a result members become leaders all over campus.
  • Moral Fiber: We strive to have the strength and ability to do what is right in the most difficult of situations. We stand firm in our purpose.
  • Service/Philanthropy: Fraternities and sororities give back. Organizations raise money for philanthropies and volunteer with in the Carbondale community. Each year we make up over 50% of recorded service hours.
  • Brotherhood/Sisterhood: Friendships with in fraternity and sorority life is unlike any other organization. These organizations bring lifelong friendships.
  • Diversity: As a community we are welcoming to all backgrounds, cultures, and interests. We work to promote a positive and respectful environment.