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Why should your student join a fraternity or sorority?

Joining a fraternity or sorority is a wonderful experience. If your son or daughter joins they have a multitude of leadership opportunities. This could be within the organization itself as well as the governing bodies. It will connect them to century old traditions and many respectable alumni from all over the world. Your student will be dedicated to service and civic engagement. Many organizations require community service hours along with working to raise money for a specific cause or non-profit organization. Academics are very important to us as well. Members of fraternity and sorority life have a higher GPA then the overall campus GPA. They also have higher retention and graduation rates.

What is fraternity and sorority life?

A community comprised of values-based organizations characterized by a ritual, pin, and a strong tie to friendship and moral principles.

What is the parent or family role?

Take time to find out from your son or daughter what it means to them to be in a fraternity or sorority. Be happy and supportive of their choice and keep in touch with them and encourage them to attend the many educational opportunities.

How will this benefit my child?

Joining a fraternity or sorority at SIU gives students a college family. Involvement in Fraternity and Sorority Life provides a local and national support network for each student to be used for financial, emotional, scholastic, leadership and career development, and networking support.

What is SIU's policy on hazing?

At SIU, our student’s safety is of the highest importance. The University has a zero-tolerance policy with regard to hazing and all other activities that interfere with the personal liberty of an individual. SIU defines hazing as "Any action required of, suggested to, or imposed upon current or potential members of a group which produces, or is reasonably likely to produce, bodily harm, humiliation, ridicule, substantial interference of academic efforts, significant impairment, or endangerment of physical, mental or emotional well-being, regardless of the consent of the participants." More so, a hazing incident may be reported anonymously to the Dean of Students office by anyone. If you have witnessed or have knowledge of a possible hazing incident, report the incident immediately to Dean of Students and/or the police. Hazing is illegal, violated SIU Code of Conduct, and violations SIU fraternities and sororities policies. Report hazing: https://siuchousing.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_7NU5IFhxL44fVGd

What is the financial obligation?

Each organization have different financial obligations. The money goes to different programs the chapter sponsors for their members, brotherhood/sisterhood events, alumni gatherings, traditional celebrations and more. Additional fees could be for initiation, t-shirts, and large formal events.The best way to know the cost is to talk to the specific sorority or fraternity.

Are you required to live in a chapter house?

Not all our organizations maintain an official chapter house, those that do are all privately managed and off campus. First year students are required to live on campus but after they have completed their SIU Housing contracts, they are eligible to move into a chapter house if their organization has one and has vacancies. Most chapter members will be able to live in their chapter house, however individual chapters have their own live-in guidelines.

Who is in charge of fraternities and sororities?

Fraternity and Sorority Life is staffed by a full time Coordinator and a graduate assistant. In addition to the support and structure the office provides for the students, chapters also elect undergraduate chapter officers to run the day-to-day operations, have alumni and faculty/staff advisors, and are responsible to report to an inter/national headquarters.