Greek Standards

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A Shared Governance Policy of the IGC and Fraternity & Sorority Life

Believing that fraternities and sororities contribute in multiple ways to campus life and higher education, the Inter-Greek Council and Fraternity & Sorority Life have established the following standards as expectations of collegiate chapters/colonies recognized at SIU.  Our chapters/colonies will enhance and promote each member’s development and learning by achieving each of the following standards.

Chapters/colonies are required to complete the Annual Greek Standards Progress Report including written documentation as to how it provides and upholds these expectations. For those items that are programmatic, participation or attendance based, a chapter/colony must provide supporting documentation that it has satisfied the standard. For those programmatic standards, a single member may only count once in satisfying each individual criterion. Fraternity & Sorority Life in conjunction with IGC designated officers will assist chapters in identifying council and campus based opportunities that would allow members to satisfy the criterion as well as provide a tool for tracking progress between reporting periods. For all criteria that indicate annually, this is to be considered within the current calendar year and not the academic year.

The Greek Standards program is incorporated into the annual Greek Awards. Chapters/colonies will be recognized for their achievements above and beyond the foundational standards. An Assessment Report will be provided to the chapter/colony based on their progress.

For colonies that have not received their charter but have been recognized for more than four semester, the Annual Greek Standards Progress Report is required. For those colonies who have not yet received their charter but have been recognized for four semesters or less, the Annual Greek Standards Progress Report is not required. The focus of colonies should be on meeting the specific requirements to become a chartered organization. However, colonies are encouraged to work toward Greek Standards as they are able.