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Fraternity and Sorority Life is excited to share our plans to grow our fraternity and sorority community. Over the next few years, we will be increasing our efforts on growth education, marketing, and resources provided for our current (and future) organizations. In addition to providing increased support to our current chapters, colonies and interest groups, we are in the initial stages of developing a long-range growth plan for our IFC community, once again exploring NPC extension, working with area Graduate Chapters to re-establish undergraduate chapters for several NPHC organizations, and working with various campus populations to determine interest in additional cultural-based organizations.

We have created this page to assist interested organizations to more easily find out key information needed to make a decision to submit an expansion packet for our review. In the Quick Links section on the right, you will find links to information about SIU, our fraternity and sorority community, and our long-range expansion and extension plans. We hope that you find this information helpful and welcome any questions.

Please direct all questions to Fraternity & Sorority Life, at greeks@siu.edu

Growth Timelines

Interfraternity Council

Below you will find the timeline for our Interfraternity Council Long-Range Expansion Plan. 

While the colonization dates and timeline will be established in conjunction with the selected groups, the following is the time table for the initial process and projected dates. Phase One through Four will be conducted simultaneously for all interested organizations.

Dates have been established based on industry averages for successful colonization efforts. If two selected organizations agree to colonize at the same time or back to back, we are open to exploring such an adjustment; however we do feel that one new expansion effort at a time will best ensure the highest probability for success of all organizations. 

Our goal is to increase membership in our IFC community to be between 15-20% of the undergraduate population with an average chapter size of 40-50 members.

All organizations participating in Phase 2 and 3 will be slated into the Long-Range Plan during Phase 4. Phase 5 will begin in Fall 2016 with the expansion efforts for the first organization slated with additional organizations being slated each fall semester until the completion of the long-range plan.Organizations expressing interest after the initial plan has been developed will be added to the end of the plan in the order they have expressed interest.

NOTEIf any current or new organization has been or becomes suspended due to conduct related issues and is able to return to campus prior to the end of the long-range expansion plan, FSL will work with that organization to determine recolonization efforts in a timeframe that occurs during a spring semester at the end of the suspension agreement in order to maintain the partnership with our current INHQ partners. Beginning Fall 2016, the return of any organizations who close due to membership number related issues during the expansion plan will be added to the end of the expansion plan.

College Panhellenic Association

The College Panhellenic officially voted to form an Extension Exploratory Committee to determine is further consideration should be made to open for extension in the future. The committee will gather statistics for our campus for the past 5 years as well as conduct various surveys of current chapters and non-affiliated women to best inform their decision. Possible extension times include spring 2017 or fall 2017.

Multicultural Greek Council

Fraternities and sororities that fall within our MGC typically do not do a traditional expansion process in that organization begin as students on campus express interest. If you are a student interested in starting a new fraternity or sorority that has a cultural focus or a representative from an I/NHQ interested in establishing a chapter at SIU, please contact Fraternity and Sorority Life at greeks@siu.edu.

Current Expansion efforts are a colony for Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and interest groups for Lambda Theta Alpha Sorority, Inc. and Lambda Theta Phi Fraternity, Inc.

During the spring 2016 semester, FSL staff will be conducting focus groups with various student populations to explore interest in additional organizations.

National Pan-Hellenic Council

SIU has had undergraduate chapters for all 9 member organizations within the NPHC. Our plans for the return of these undergraduate chapters are as follows:

Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. is eligible to return and is exploring a possible return in the future.